I am an Art Director specialized in Graphic Design and Illustration. Set design and photography being the extension of my artistic skills. I love mixing arts to create a unique universe through my works. I speak fluently French, English and Polish. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with me! Scroll below to see my skills and services

My Skills

Graphic Design

Starting early in my life as a self-learner, then working with startups and agencies, to now become a freelancer. I got a title of Concepteur Designer Graphique, Level II from LISAA in Paris as well as Master 2 degree in Art Direction at Cifacom, Paris. I work with Adobe Suite and can offer you the designs of print and web supports tailored to your needs.


I have been drawing since I can remember. I have skills in realistic as well as abstract drawings. Having my own style I can also adapt to your needs. I make artworks, illustrations for web and print, storyboards, courtroom sketches and live scribing. So, apart from ordering illustrations, you can contact me also to add an artistic value live to your business reunions and workshops.

Photography and Retouch

In photography I am a self-learner, working with my Canon 5D Mark II and an analogue Nikon FE2. I learned retouching first in the past by myself and then mastered my skills while working at the agency on fashion photography. I also make collages mixed with my illustrations as well as photomontages thanks to my skills in the field of graphic design.

Set Design

Scenography and set design are the extension of my artistic skills. Graduating from University of Environmental Science in Poland with a Master and Engineer degree in Landscape Architecture taught me how to think in 3D and how to arrange space. I prepare props and sets for shootings and videos. I love sewing, knitting, painting and so-called ‘DIY’.