Billy Blublé

Off-Courts Short Film Festival

This year I was invited as an artist to the Off-courts festival which is a short film festival in Trouville in French Normandy. I presented a personal project that consisted of a short film that exists only in images with subtitles and a big mural at the reception of the festival.

My film counts 83 images that look like screen shots of a real movie. It tells a story of Billy Blublé, a character that I created last year. They were installed on a street lamps leading in order from the Railway Station to the Casino where the festival took place.

The mural is a print of one of the scenes that did not appear among 83 images. I created the subtitles inspired by a game Cards Against Humanity which basically means that the subtitles had the blanks to fill in. People could either choose the expressions I wrote down in advance, or jot down their own ideas.

Each morning I also had workshops with children for whom I prepared the blank black boards where they could write down with chalk, Posca markers and glitters their own ideas of how to fill in the dialog gaps. They also had fun playing with Billy.

In the evenings, the participants of the festival often took Billy to parties to take photos in Photobooth placed in the beach club.

Making of

I would like to thank the organizers of Off-Courts festival that invited me. Samuel Prat – thank you so much for believing in my project! Big up for Carine, Marie-Cerise, Claire, Aurelie, Maxime and Matthieu who helped me put things in their place. I love you, guys !