Escape Tales: Low Memory

Board Game Illustrations and Art Direction

Authors: Bartosz Idzikowski, Jakub Caban (LockMe)
Publisher: Board&Dice
Game Illustrations: Magdalena Klepacz (Clepatch)
Cover Illustration : Jakbub Fajtanowski
DTP : Pawel Niziolek

I was illustrating the first and the second part of the board game series called Escape Tales. Low Memory It is a story-driven game that imitates the escape room adventure. It is full of riddles and puzzles and, as the last time, the plot is kind of dark. Unlike the first part that presents a sort of a post-apocalyptic universe, here the player is immersed in the futuristic vision of the world and all the ethical dilemmas that go with it.

You can purchase the following translations: English, Polish, German, French, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, and Dutch.