Paju Munro - Drag Queen

Logo, Branding

I had an opportunity to work again with drag queen community in United States as Paju Munro, a  drag star from San Francisco contacted me to do his logo as he was under the appreciation of the one I did for Nicky Doll.

The idea was to combine the Drag Queen universe and his origins. Paju comes from Brazil but loves being a so called “legal alien” in US. I used a fancy handwriting and tried to make the font “dance” as during the Carnaval in Rio. I prepared two basic versions of the logo – one with the colors of US flag, and the other inspired by the Brazilian one. As Paju loves sparkles and glitter I add the reflections on the logo to make it even more joyful. I prepared a special edition of the logo on the heart-shaped backgrounds where I could use more glitter texture or more vivid colors and launch it with Paju on Valentine’s Day!

I hope you enjoy the results, see you soon with some new work.