Escape Tales: The Awakening

Board Game Illustrations and Art Direction

Authors: Bartosz Idzikowski, Jakub Caban (LockMe)
Publisher: Board&Dice
Game Illustrations: Magdalena Klepacz (Clepatch)
Cover Illustration : Jakbub Fajtanowski
DTP : Pawel Niziolek

Escape Tales: The Awakening that I had a pleasure of co-creating is a board game imitating real escape room adventures. Unlike other games of this type, there is no time limit. Its main focus is on the engaging story filled with riddles and puzzles.
I was the illustrator responsible for creating 122 game cards, 9 so-called doom cards and 18 location cards as well as the board itself.

The game is currently available in 12 language versions and even more countries.

You can purchase the following translations: English, Polish, German, French, Czech, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian and Dutch.